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Laura McKenzie in #news

28/02/2021 2:57:47 PM

An update on COVID-19

DICKER DATA ENSURES COMPLETE BUSINESS CONTINUITY FOR ANZ CHANNEL THROUGHOUT THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC As parts of New Zealand move back into lockdown today, we want you, our reseller customers, vendor partners and friends to know Dicker Data is Open for business and..


5 Key Steps to Implementing a Zero Trust Security Strategy

While quite a pessimistic term, in the security world Zero Trust encourages the organisation to look at their systems more holistically and take... Read More

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Sam Taylor

20/04/2021 12:07:57 AM

Powerful compute at the edge | Lenovo

A primary goal of edge computing is to bring power, storage and networking, closer to where data is generated. However, customers looking for... Read More

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Sam Taylor

6/10/2020 6:32:19 PM

Lenovo: Intelligent Transformation

Lenovo’s Intelligent Transformation strategy responding to customer needs Read More

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Sam Taylor

11/06/2020 4:46:40 PM


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