Why business owners need to attend TechX 2022

Linda Meyer
Aug 24, 2022

Three reasons why business owners need to attend TechX 2022

Dicker Data is bringing together the industry’s leading experts and state-of-the-art technology at TechX 2022 (#TechX22), the region’s largest IT event. This year’s TechX is a must-attend for business owners looking to leverage the latest IT solutions to attract and retain the best talent, secure a competitive edge, sharpen the customer value proposition, and optimise operational efficiencies and team connectivity.

3 reasons to come along to TechX 2022

  1. Hear from industry leaders, including special Guest Mark Iles, on Innovation Accelerated, showcasing best in class solutions, discussing topical trends, and spotlighting innovation.

  2. Understand the industry’s greatest challenges, including supply shortages and heightened security threats, and how Dicker Data is well placed to help you solve for these and keep your business running smoothly.

  3. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with more than 30 vendor sponsors, get hands on with the latest tech, and find new opportunities to help you win more business and build recurring revenue streams.

Key Themes at TechX 2022

To ensure this year’s event helps business owners move the dial and solve current and future challenges, Dicker Data went straight to the source and asked you what you want to hear more of at this year’s TechX. Here’s what you had to say:

  1. Becoming an employer of choice – With The Great Resignation underway, it is vital businesses offer value-add benefits and incentives to attract and retain talent - technology is integral to this. With our new ways of working, learn more about innovative hybrid working technologies; understand how software and hardware solutions can be a true staff benefit; and network with engineers and partners who can support with project management needs and people shortages.

  2. Problem solving for new world challenges – Dicker Data and our vendor partners are well placed to help businesses fill any resourcing, supply, and capability gaps. TechX provides an opportunity to increase your understanding of managed services and any specialist skillsets required. You have access to the latest technologies and recourses to drive operational efficiencies Our experts at Dicker Data Services can share the latest developments, practical advice, of value-added services and innovative problem solving for global supply challenges.

  3. Enhanced security requirements – With escalating geopolitical tensions, this theme is increasingly salient. Learn more about how to help keep your operating environment secure, while reducing operating costs; solve against the risk of fraudulent activities; and see new technologies offering robust, streamlined, end-to-end protection.

  4. Meeting sustainability targets - Sustainability and corporate governance are increasingly important to internal and external stakeholders. This theme will be prevalent at TechX 2022 and you can learn more about how Dicker Data and our vendor partners ensure sustainability is prioritised in every step of the supply chain. 

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Recognising the rapid acceleration of technology and digital adoption, TechX 2022 will explore the theme of Innovation Accelerated. Following Mark’s opening keynote, he will host a panel discussion with seven of the world’s leading technology vendors to help you understand how their value proposition, technology, and support programs will help your business keep pace with the ever changing technology landscape.

Businesses are operating in a challenging environment, facing increased cyberthreats, global supply shortages, and the tightest labour market in generations. As your value-add distributor, Dicker Data is bringing together New Zealands top reseller and vendor partners for one night, in Auckland for TechX 2022, helping businesses navigate these new-world challenges. This year’s attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet with Dicker Data’s vendors and learn how we can help you win more business and solve people challenges, differentiate and increase your relevance to customers, get hands on with the latest technology, and expand your network and discover new opportunities.

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Linda Meyer
25/08/2022 10:23:10 AM

General Manager of Sales - Dicker Data
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