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Linda Meyer
Jun 02, 2021

We spoke with our Business Leaders to discover how their business units are positioned to help resellers thrive in 2021 and beyond. 2021 and beyond presents an unparalleled opportunity for the entire technology sector, and in particular, our reseller partners right across the country.

Partner Sales Support – Addressing customer demand

As a core value our team are focused on developing strong long-term relationships with our customers and helping them grow. Our customer-first approach means we are proactive in engaging with our resellers and allows us to dynamically shift with changing market conditions.

Dicker Data staff are focused on keeping our reseller partners top of mind to efficiently exceed our customers changing demands. Reporting, stock holding, and project discussions are bespoke and match each reseller and their customer’s unique needs,” Linda Lee Meyer, National Sales Manager at Dicker Data NZ.

Priority is given to activities that assist resellers to maximise their opportunities and to improve the response times for pricing and roll outs. A key sales function at Dicker Data is to ‘wear multiple hats’ and to blend product discussions to fit a single solution requirement to support a resellers go-to-market strategy.

Solving customer challenges – hardware and infrastructure requirements

“In our hardware brands we have seen some really lumpy supply given the global IC shortages whereby initially car manufacturers slowed production, chips were then committed into consumer electronics which boomed during lockdowns and then production couldn’t keep up with demand as automobile manufacturers turned production back on. Dicker Data NZ has taken an aggressive stocking position to try to provide a buffer from the shortages and we are assisting our resellers to obtain their requirements during a difficult period of uncertainty,” Richard Harri, General Manager – volume at Dicker Data NZ.

COVID caused a significant surge in demand for a whole range of IT products. That unnatural spike in demand is now being felt as manufacturers are working to keep up with the sustained demand for products that support remote work and other IT solutions.

In 2021 our hardware teams continue to invest in our partners, not only by providing expert presales technical guidance on the phone and via email, but also providing hands-on technical & sales enablement for reseller partners and their customers both virtually and face-to-face where possible.

Delivering forward thinking software solutions

During the 2020 COVID year many customers scrambled to purchase software that allowed all employees to work remotely within a very short notice period, which put extreme pressure and time constraints on resellers and end-users to deliver. In 2021 we are focused on building upon our multi-vendor solution sets to enable our partners to take more comprehensive offers to market, including cyber security, data management, business applications and advanced remote working solutions.

“To offer a more in-depth service than in 2020 we have developed a more specialised approach that involves separating Security and Microsoft from other Software in 2021. Customers have now had time to consider their new working arrangements and are after the best approach, not just the most rapidly deployed. Our teams are now set up to help with long term strategies and compliance that are financially viable and tailored to individual organisations,” Lou Nunn, Business Unit Manager at Dicker Data NZ.

Our team boast the largest and most experienced Microsoft team in the New Zealand Distribution channel. Our team have a myriad of resources, programs and consultants to help partners, regardless of their maturity with Cloud. “We are here to help our partners take advantage of the constant evolution of offers and services that Microsoft bring to market. Our certified specialists are only a phone call away to help you with anything from onboarding and programs to licensing and devices,” Josh Te Hira, Microsoft Business Manager at Dicker Data NZ.

Improving Partner Experiences

“We’re proactively looking at how our partners engage with Dicker Data and then finding ways to improve those interactions. From using our transactional data to help our partners uncover new opportunities and extract more business from their existing end-users, to improving the workflows and touchpoints our partners have with our business every day, we’re focused on improving our customer experience so our partners can remain focused on servicing their customers and building their business,” Ben Johnson, General Manager - Marketing & Strategy at Dicker Data ANZ.

Dicker Data understands the challenges of the current market and views these as opportunities for us to work closer with our partners than ever before. Strong partnerships between resellers and their distributor will be paramount to better business outcomes, we look forward to expanding our role in driving the New Zealand technology channel.

Speak to our team today by emailing, if you are not an existing Dicker Data partner then you can sign up here. 

Linda Meyer
3/06/2021 11:12:08 AM

General Manager of Sales - Dicker Data
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