Stock Holding

Just in time delivery enabling you to create outcomes for your customers


Access the right stock
when you need it 

Access to the right stock when you need it is the difference between securing a customer order and helping to solve their issue in a timely manner and losing them. Dicker Data boasts one the New Zealand ICT industry’s largest stock holdings across the portfolio of brands we represent. Through detailed analysis of the most popular products and most critical replacement parts, Dicker Data’s product management teams are chartered to ensure the right stock is available for just in time delivery for you and your customers.


Dicker Data holds a large range of product options and spare parts in stock across the various brands we represent. This enables partners to configure products to the exact specification required and when coupled with Dicker Data’s Configuration and Staging Services, your order will arrive at your customers’ site fully configured, tested and ready for deployment. By holding a large range of options and spare parts, Dicker Data can reduce vendor configure-to-order times from 6+ weeks to 48 hours, enabling you to deliver to your customers’ sooner.


When your customers’ need a customised solution, you shouldn’t be penalised with long lead times. By using detailed data analytics and programmatic stock sell-through tracking, Dicker Data proactively works with its vendor partners to create special build products that meet the needs of the most common end-customer use cases. This means that you have access to pre-built, vendor certified products that are kept in stock for just in time delivery from our distribution facility which is located in the heart of Mount Wellington in Auckland.


Not all solutions are made up of a single vendor’s technology. When building solutions that deliver on the outcomes your customers require, more often that not multiple vendor’s technologies are combined to create the ideal solution. Dicker Data represents over 20 of the world’s leading tier one and tier two brands which means you have access to a wide range of solutions to help deliver on your customers’ requirements. With a commitment to holding stock across the large majority of the brands represented by Dicker Data, you can rest assured the technology you need will be in stock and available when you need it.

Delivering on Your Needs
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Large Stock Holdings
  • Configure To Order Options