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Enabling Positive Cashflow


Enabling PositiveCashflow

Access to credit can be a pivotal factor in your business’ ability to close a deal and can even influence your profitability. Dicker Data proudly provides over 100 million dollars of trade credit to thousands of ICT reseller partners each year, enabling them to be more competitive and more profitable. Whether you’re starting out and need a small limit with flexible terms or you’re financing multi-million dollar deals, Dicker Data has a finance solution available to help your business.The terms of your credit can be pivotal to your success. Dicker Data offers approved partners access to the following credit terms:

  • 10 Days

  • 20 Days End of Month

As pay-by-the-month subscriptions become more prevalent and sought after by your customers, Dicker Data is one of the only distributors in New Zealand that allows you to use your existing approved credit limit to service your monthly commitments. In addition, Dicker Data also offers the ability to pay for these subscriptions via direct debit on your nominated credit card. Adding further flexibility, Dicker Data also allows you to move your billing dates for selected subscription-based products, so you can align your billing with us to the payment cycles of your customers to maximise your cashflow. 


With no surcharge on VISA and Mastercard transactions*, Dicker Data provides partners with the ability to maximise their existing lines of credit without penalty. 


Dicker Data can provide flexible payment solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to move to an OPEX style model or simply assist your customer in financing their purchase, speak to the Dicker Data team about how we can help. * Dicker Data applies a 1% surcharge when a VISA or Mastercard is used to pay an account’s statement.

Over the past 30 years, we have:
  • Provided over 100m in trade credit annually
  • Enabled flexible payment options
  • Supported thousands of businesses

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