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Edward Low
Aug 09, 2023

Dell Technologies puts flexibility and sustainability front and centre in the future of work


There’s no question that the way we work has changed. Employees are demanding greater flexibility and control over where, when, and how they work and are increasingly relying on technology to stay connected. This ‘Work from Anywhere’ model has created increased security risks, with employees using Bring-Your-Own-Devices and logging-in from unsecured networks. Furthermore, additional devices mean sustainability also needs to be considered in our new way of working. While hybrid working has become business as usual, navigating this ‘new normal’ can be a complex exercise.

Dell Technologies is solving this business challenge with their 2022 Commercial Client Portfolio, designed with hybrid work and sustainability in mind. Providing solutions for the modern, flexible and hybrid workforce the portfolio provides purpose-fit solutions to address core user needs of hybrid work, enhanced security and advances the circular economy.

As your value-add distribution partner, Dicker Data has partnered with Dell Technologies to ensure we continue to offer best-in-class technology solutions that solve the business needs of today and in the future.

The future of work isn't only hybrid, it's sustainable

There is rising pressure from employees, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders to prioritise, increase accountability and contribute to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)objectives and corporate social responsibility targets. Being a good corporate citizen is no longer a nice to have, but rather business critical. Dell Technologies makes it possible to empower a hybrid workforce while contributing to the circular economy by incorporating sustainable materials into its product portfolio. Dicker Data partners are empowered to leverage this portfolio and implement solutions that bridges the gap between customer ESG aspirations and core operational and performance models. As part of this commitment, Dell has launched its most sustainable desktop computer yet, designed from up to 60 percent recycled materials1. Additionally, the new Latitude 5000 series laptops are the only commercial laptops to use bio-based and recycled materials, featuring 39 percent bio-based bottom bumpers, 50 percent recycled plastic in the battery frame, and 20 percent recycled carbon fibre in the lid and bottom door2. Finally, all packaging on new notebooks and mobile workstations are made from 100 per cent recycled or renewable materials3.

Flexibility with maximum efficiency

Businesses and employees need technology solutions that are purpose-fit for the constantly evolving workforce. Dell Technologies continues to work together with Microsoft to ensure its PCs and accessories are as flexible as possible, delivering everything your customers need, wherever they are, keeping their teams fully configured, always connected and operational from anywhere

In today’s always-on and highly PC dependent environment it is integral to streamline device maintenance, management, security and configuration processes to maximise operational efficiencies and productivity. Leveraging Dell Technologies Client Portfolio, Dicker Data partners can access the PC as a Service (PCaaS) offering, enabling a modernised employee experience at scale and with a predictable monthly price. This maximises the modernised employee process by consolidating IT needs and acting as a single provider— Connecting the latest hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one all-encompassing solution.

Don't compromise on security

Cyberattacks are at all time highs, and this is expected to escalate among growing geopolitical tensions4. With employees working remotely and leveraging their own devices and network connections, it is more crucial than ever that security, data safety and privacy are embedded in every phase of digital transformation plans. Devices from the Dell Technologies 2022 Client Portfolio come with inbuilt security features to help businesses safeguard against evolving vulnerabilities, protect endpoints, and strengthen security posture. As leading Dell Technologies distributor, Dicker Data partners can maximise security strategies with Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. This protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. At the same time, machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows recovery of known good data, empowering businesses to resume operations with confidence.

An optimised user experience with AI

As modern workforces become more dispersed than ever, technology is key to creating an interconnected, personalised experience to help build universal ways of working, centralise intelligence, and maintain business continuity. Dell Optimizer is a built-in artificial intelligence software that learns and adapts to an end user’s behavior to create a smarter, more personalised user experience. It automatically improves application and overall system performance as well as increases battery run time in the background, so there are fewer disruptions whether working remotely or in the office. It also offers state-of-the-art privacy features, unmatched connectivity, and intelligent audio ensuring a professional experience no matter the location.

Hybrid working is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean the challenges that come with it have to. Having the proper equipment to allow employees to work from anywhere is a must. With Dell Technologies’ 2022 Commercial Client Portfolio, businesses can be confident in offering maximum employee flexibility while prioritising sustainability, connectivity, and security.

1 Australian Cyber Security Centre
2 Based on Dell Technologies internal analysis of Environmental Data Sheets, August 2020
3 Based on Dell Internal Analysis, November 2021. Percentage of Bio-based and recycled content by weight. Statements applies to Latitude 5000 series and future devices, starting April 2022
4 Based on Dell Technologies internal analysis

Dicker Data’s dedicated team have expert knowledge of the Dell Technologies offering and can support in optimising and tailoring the solution for your client’s needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your client device opportunities.

Edward Low
10/08/2023 11:16:05 AM

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