Training and Enablement

Upskill in the Latest Technologies.


Upskill in theLatest Technologies

Learning and development is critical to the growth of both our companies and us as individuals. Whether it’s a new product release or a new trend sweeping the market, Dicker Data’s enablement sessions are delivered by our own product experts in partnership with our vendors to keep you and your company up to date. These sessions are also the perfect forum to have all your questions answered by our experts. Dispel the myths and get clarity on how you can deliver a next-level solution with Dicker Data’s training and enablement sessions. 


Expanding the range of technologies and brands your business represents is one of the easiest ways to derive growth from your existing customer set. If you’ve been considering a particular technology, wondering what the difference is between two or more brands or just looking for a fresh perspective, Dicker Data hosts enablement events dedicated to providing our partners with a balanced point of view. Join us in one of these interactive forums to get hands on with the technologies and to discover the right option for your customers.


Dicker Data’s tailored approach is one of the key reasons why our training and enablement sessions are so highly regarded. With dedicated deep-dive technical sessions, Dicker Data has helped thousands of partner organisations to complete their certifications across a wide range of different technologies. This has helped those partners to accelerate their way to higher levels in vendor partner programs which can bring benefits such as rebates and/or marketing investment for their business’.


We look forward to welcoming you to one of our partner training and enablement events soon. Whether you’re looking to build your confidence in a new technology, explore an alternative option for your customer or simply meet the Dicker Data and vendor teams, our door is open, and we can’t wait to get started with you. If you have any questions about our upcoming enablement events, please reach out to your Dicker Data representative.

Over the past 30 years, we have:
  • Certified thousands of partners
  • Helped diversify partner business'
  • Demonstrated the latest technology

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