Lenovo: Intelligent Transformation

Sam Taylor
Jun 11, 2020

Lenovo’s Intelligent Transformation strategy responding to customer needs

Lenovo strives every day to bring smarter technology to all and is dedicated to transforming customer experience with technology. It’s vision – Intelligent Transformation - is where devices and data centre infrastructure powered by artificial intelligence (AI), work together to create end-to-end solutions. These solutions help make customers’ lives better and allow us to do things faster, cheaper, better - and in more personalised ways.

Now more than ever, the value of the right technology is being demonstrated every day – and it will continue to play a key role in addressing the challenges that COVID-19 is creating. Whether it’s a medical researcher working on a vaccine, a teacher leading an online class, or individuals using the internet to work from anywhere.

Intelligent Transformation

As partners for many years, Dicker Data was appointed sole distributor of Lenovo DCG in New Zealand 12 months ago. The the two companies had always collaborated closely to address customer challenges, but following Lenovo’s decision to appoint a sole distributor, Dicker Data New Zealand established a full-service model with end user customer-facing account executives and telemarketers. Over the past four quarters, awareness of, and demand for Lenovo solutions has consistently risen with record market share recorded in the region.

Dicker Data has embraced Lenovo’s Intelligent Transformation vision. It is this vision that enables “One Lenovo”. Firstly, Smart IoT – where current devices are becoming smarter, so they’re always connected, collaborating with other devices, adapting to varying needs, providing natural language interactions, offering seamless cloud connection, and enhancing security and privacy protection.

Secondly, Smart Infrastructure to provide the computing, storage and networking power to support differing customer needs. This includes availability of a rich portfolio of data centres - traditional for enterprise core applications; software-defined for customers needing agility and flexibility; hyperscale for public cloud companies; and high-performance for scientific computing and AI applications.

Where to from here?

The recent mass adoption of video conferencing and the need to establish remote working capability provided new ways of working that may otherwise have taken much longer to thrive. As New Zealand moves towards easing COVID-19 restrictions, some of the trends likely to emerge will see businesses:

  • Seeking better mobility solutions and stronger security.
  • Embracing smart office solutions such as ThinkSmart Hub 500, ThinkSmart View, and ThinkCentre Nano technology.
  • Rethinking business continuity plans and ways to deploy and support devices using modern workplace principles.
  • Cutting costs while seeking ways to innovate and find new points of difference to take advantage of the new business landscape COVID-19.
  • Enhancing IT agility through technology like hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to provide the ability for organisations to quickly adapt to changing environments.
  • Offering improved work from home options and other flexible arrangements.
  • Exploring funding and better use of capital as cashflow models change and lending options and rules are rewritten.

The focus on remote working forced on the market by COVID-19 made VDI solutions top of mind. Dicker Data is the only distributor able to source Lenovo’s full VDI solution from end user computer devices through to the server and storage required.

While the full economic impact is uncertain, customers are looking to minimise financial impact by rationalising services, reducing service delivery costs, and diverting spending to tools and services that facilitate the necessary rapid changes. Nathan Knight, ANZ Director and General Manager – Data Center Group from Lenovo said, “Supporting our customers is our top priority. We are seeing that businesses with diversified portfolios are thriving. Having enabled a mobile workforce, efficiency is now the key focus and we have the technology to support that.”

How can we help?

Since COVID-19 emerged, Lenovo and Dicker Data collaborated to alleviate some pressure felt by local customers. Dicker Data is also actively helping its resellers by making the online tools and resources available from vendor partners specific and relevant to the audience.

Knight continued, “We are meeting directly with our partners and customers to discuss support. Lenovo Financial Services is offering innovative solutions to help customers preserve cash as they figure out how to better support their own customers. This is one of our top priorities and we understand one solution doesn’t fit all so have been working individually to tailor outcomes to specific requirements.”

With cash flow top of mind for most resellers, several financing options are available, including:

  • A range of deferral options, to delay payments for three months on 36-, 48- and 60-month terms from Lenovo.
  • Step or structured payments to manage and minimise financial commitment on technology purchases and investment until next financial year.
  • Asset buyback (for owned fleets) to convert existing owned assets into an incremental revenue source.
  • Rentals of certified used technology equipment, to support short-term needs.

In addition, large stocks of Lenovo devices are being held to meet urgent and critical orders; with support upgrades and warranty extensions available to assist with fleet management.

Dicker Data and Lenovo

Dicker Data is proactively working with partners to help New Zealand customers get through this uncertain period. It has nationwide representation, a team of 17 staff dedicated to the Lenovo portfolio, and is the only distributor in the New Zealand market providing end-to-end Lenovo solutions. This includes representation as the only distributor able to source Lenovo’s full VDI solution to support businesses with their remote working capability.

Mike Hill, NZ Country Manager for Lenovo said, “Lenovo New Zealand is fortunate to work with the best distribution partners in the industry, and we are leveraging our global capabilities to support the needs of New Zealand customers and partners during this crisis. Dicker Data’s ability to work with Lenovo to build and deliver solutions incorporating our Smart Devices and our Smart Infrastructure, to a wide range of partners, gives Lenovo the reach we rely on with our partner led strategy. We are pleased to be embarking on a new chapter of our journey with Dicker Data and look forward to working closely with them on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

To further discuss Lenovo solutions, reach out to your Dicker Data team today at sales@dickerdata.co.nz 

Sam Taylor
12/06/2020 8:46:40 AM

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