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Many partner businesses are struggling to define and articulate the business value that can be delivered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and when their customers ask about IoT, they’re quick to change the topic. In 2017, Dicker Data launched Australia’s first and only channel-focused IoT Community to address the thousands of partner businesses across Australia that want to get involved in IoT, but don’t know where to start. Now Dicker Data aims to bring the same innovations to New Zealand.


To help partners make their first move into IoT, Dicker Data has partnered with IoT vendors that have packaged and productised solutions which can be easily deployed and start delivering valuable business insights within days of implementation.

The IoT solutions offered by Dicker Data include:


CCP Technologies offers monitoring control points such as temperature and energy consumption that drives efficiency and protects the reputation of businesses. To underpin food safety, the CCP solution is being used to measure, monitor and report the temperature of fridges in hospitals, grocery stores, food wholesalers, food retailers and major hotels.


Buddy Ohm is a complete resource monitoring solution for commercial, industrial and multi-family residential buildings. The system is made up of Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, the Buddy Cloud, plus engaging software experiences. The Buddy Ohm operations portal and occupant dashboards for monitoring and reducing consumption of natural resources like electricity, water, gas, steam, temperature and humidity can help drive efficiency in your customers’ business’.

Over the past 40 years, we have:
  • Certified thousands of partners
  • Helped diversify partner business'
  • Demonstrated the latest technology

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