We're Hiring: Product Management

Ashleigh Cameron
May 19, 2020

Every now and then most of us find we need a change. Have you thought about looking for your next opportunity? Are you looking to find a new workplace where you can really make your mark?

Our Enterprise team is looking to hire a new product manager to join our innovative team. We're looking for an individual who will contribute positively to the work place morale and to the development of an environment that will allow each staff member to achieve his or her maximum potential.

Who are we looking for?

An ideal candidate will possess the following skills knowledge and/or experience:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good administrative skills
  • Analytical
  • General industry experience
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • General business knowledge and skills preferable
  • Excellent presentation skills and/or experience
  • In-depth product knowledge preferable but not

What's involved with a Product Management Role?

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

Managing Information

  • Provide and maintain current information within Dicker Data for the relevant product set
  • Provide additional product information in a timely manner to appropriate personnel as required


  • Liaise and lead the relationship into appropriate Vendors to maintain good business relations
  • Strive to maintain and increase business for Dicker Data and in turn for the Vendor
  • Provide Vendors with information as required by contractual agreements and obtain information from Vendor that may be pertinent to Dicker Data's position in the market
  • Make sure Vendor KPO’s/KPIs are achieved

Distribution Warehouse

  • Liaise with Purchasing and Distribution to assist in stock management, i.e. stock levels, rotations and version changes
  • Manage Vendor stock levels to balance Dicker Data criteria regarding aged stock etc.

Price Listing

  • Liaise with Purchasing to maintain current product codes and prices in the Price List
  • Assist Purchasing to produce clear, accurate and easy to use Price Lists within our systems by the necessary dates

Technical Support

  • Provide up to date technical information to sales staff and resellers when appropriate e.g. new versions, problems
  • Liaise with Vendor Technical Support staff to assess continual problems or common issues within product lin

New Products

  • Determine opportunities and road to market for new product ranges

Pre Sales

  • Offer consultation and advice on solutions of your entire product range
  • Run presentations and training sessions for sales, tech support, pre sales, and resellers


  • Ensure that education/training is available for new sales staff, pre sales, technical staff and customers
  • Ensure appropriate training for new products and programs
  • Offer or coordinate training sessions as required
  • Business Management
  • Maintain an up-to-date electronic diary
  • Prepare quarterly business plans
  • Track progress to budget and update your team and manager on the results regularly
  • Organise and chair QBRs (if these are a requirement of the Vendor)

Does this sound like the opportunity for you?

If you've read this job advert and you tick all (or most) of the boxes please email your CV and resume to Lisa Tierney at lisa.tierney@dickerdata.co.nz

Applications close 31st May 2020

Ashleigh Cameron
19/05/2020 12:06:03 PM

Ashleigh is an enthusiastic Gen Z strategic marketer absorbed in all thing’s digital transformation and marketing innovation. With a passion for all things social, Ashleigh is the social media and content lead for the Dicker Data brand.
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