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Helen Toomey
Feb 04, 2021

Today’s world of work has gone through a dramatic shift, blurring the lines between physical and virtual workplaces, and has increased the adoption of digital initiatives. To address the changing landscape, collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams enables businesses to empower remote and effective teamwork, with limited disruption.
“As we begin 2021,  organisations have accepted the permanency of the hybrid workplace model, where people work from both the office and remotely. While workplace flexibility is still in full swing, more employees are returning to the office, meaning businesses need to evaluate whether their physical meeting rooms are fit-for-purpose and future-proofed for the long term. The definition of meetings as we know them has changed, and Microsoft has the solutions to effectively navigate this next phase.”

Meeting rooms are moving into the future 

As the modern workplaces continue to evolve, how we communicate and collaborate is advancing. The workplace of the future will need to accommodate a hybrid environment, prompting business to adopt dynamic, connected, and secure rooms that serve as teamwork hubs.

Using Microsoft Teams was a key business decision for many organisations during the initial phase of COVID-19. Easily integrated across an organisation, it has facilitated streamlined collaboration and has been a key tool in maintaining business continuity. As we emerge from remote environments, businesses are now looking to transform physical meeting rooms with reimagined technology capabilities to match.
Within the physical meeting space, connecting to meetings using individual laptops, is often not the most efficient way of collaborating in a shared space. With Microsoft Teams Rooms, businesses can transform meeting spaces with advanced functionality for a rich, collaborative experience that’s easy to use, deploy, and manage.

Microsoft Teams certified devices are designed for every space and working style, providing a unified experience between all devices. They deliver high quality audio, video and sharing experiences, and support inclusive teamwork between remote and in-person attendees.

Microsoft supports two types of certified Microsoft Teams Rooms systems designed to deliver the Teams environment into a meeting space. Selecting the right solution starts with understanding the intended meeting space and the functionality and experience users will need to collaborate better.

Taking your conference rooms to the next level

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) devices are purpose-built hardware solutions that outfit meeting rooms or shared spaces to connect seamlessly to Teams meetings with advanced HD audio and video, on Teams certified vendor hardware.
The devices deliver consistent and intuitive meeting experiences including one-touch connection, wireless content sharing and intelligent content capture. They are modular devices, consisting of a center of room touch panel and audio/visual peripherals like speakers, microphones, and cameras.
MTR offer the most comprehensive set of calling and meeting features with customisable configurations that scale to any room size. In addition to the native Teams meeting experience, users can now join Cisco Webex and Zoom meetings using the new Direct Guest Join feature.
No matter the size of your meeting space or the workstyle of your employees, there is a MTR solution to empower your team to collaborate more effectively, in-person or remotely.

Small but mighty - Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

As we see the number of small meeting spaces grow, businesses want to provide video conferencing experiences, suited for focus spaces. Perfect for smaller meeting rooms, MTR on Android or Collaboration Bars provide native conferencing capabilities with HD audio and video features, via Teams certified vendor devices.

The simple design offers a subset of the Microsoft Teams calling and meeting features available on a MTR. These include on-screen touch controls which enable users to manage meetings while engaging in a collaborative Teams whiteboarding session.

MTR on Android is an integrated video bar solution that can be deployed within minutes reducing installation costs and like MTR, you can manage and secure collaboration bars from the Teams Admin Center.

Tailored solutions enable futuristic meeting rooms

Dicker Data works closely with reseller partners to deliver tailored MTR solutions and a comprehensive range of Microsoft certified devices that meet the unique needs of customers. These include headsets and webcams for personal spaces to solutions for shared meeting spaces from Dicker Data’s robust Teams certified hardware vendor portfolio including Lenovo and Poly.

At Dicker Data, we know accessing the product is only the beginning of the journey. Our end-to-end solutions encompass pre-sales advice from our specialist Microsoft Teams Rooms experts through to equipping rooms with display and other accessories that enhance meeting experiences and spaces.

For enquiries partners can reach out to their Dicker Data account manager or contact our local sales team




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