Targus Introduces Sustainable Laptop Cases

Zaralea Pooley
Sep 07, 2020

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With climate change and sustainability high on the global agenda, organisations industry wide are making eco-credentials a priority more than ever before. Companies are enhancing their efforts to have a greener business footprint through the creation and participation of environmentally conscious initiatives.

While sustainability efforts have gained momentum, 2020 is shaping up to be the year organisations are really held accountable for their choices in this area.

Richard Harri, General Manager – Volume at Dicker Data says, “Environmental awareness is a responsibility that lies in all of us as consumers, suppliers and as an Industry. It is becoming more apparent that organisations are making buying decisions, not only based on the price or the quality of the product, but they also placing a deserved emphasis on sustainability and carbon efficiency. The choices being made are increasingly reflecting both their individual and company’s ideals. In the market there is a lot of talk about eco-friendly products and we are proud to be working with Targus who can back up their position.”

Targus is a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories. They have merged form and function with their latest collection of EcoSmart® laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, sleeves, and slipcases. Made from recycled components, the new Cypress Collection with EcoSmart® is certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and aims to reduce the number of plastic bottles destined for landfills by utilising them in the laptop bag production.

As New Zealand is driving a plastic free society, Dicker Data explores how Targus is helping partners better equip business and teams with sustainable tech accessories that reduce their carbon footprint.

Moving away from a plastic planet

Despite growing concern about the impacts of plastic on the oceans, ecosystems, human health, global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, we continue to make more of it, with most of it ending up in landfills where it takes hundreds of years to breakdown.

Last year we saw anti-plastic sentiment go mainstream with New Zealanders taking proactive steps to reduce environmental impact by reducing plastic usage. The revolt against plastic pollution intensified and became trendy which translated into political and corporate action. Organisations woke up to the issues around plastic recycling and are now making increasingly eco-friendly choices to align with people’s values and support the health of our planet.

The shift in consumer sentiment and buying, with more consumers willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly products, reinforces the need for companies to increase commitment to responsible business practices. Companies across industries are leading with purpose and embracing the circular economy as a greater opportunity to drive growth and competitive agility.

Green is the new black - the business case for exo-friendly tech accessories

According to an Accenture study, 83 percent of respondents believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design environmentally conscious products. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) said they are currently buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago, and 81 percent said they expect to buy more over the next five years.

As the pioneer in notebook carrying cases, Targus has made sustainability their top priority for product creation. Committed to supporting the climate crisis fight, they embarked on an initiative to incorporate more eco-conscious materials into their products, while still maintaining the quality and protective features their products are known for.

The production starts with the collection of recycled bottles being cleaned and flaked. Then it is reformed into plastic pellets that are then repolymerised and spun into fibre. This fibre is woven into fabric and used to produce cases. Packing is 100% recycled and recyclable meeting the Forest Stewardship Standard (FSC).

The final outcome is a Collection that marries a sleek and sophisticated style with padded and ergonomic shoulder straps; water bottle holders; and trolley straps for rolling luggage, enhancing the experience for workers who commute. The Collection features earth sensitive heathered outers and plush interiors ensuring devices are well protected from smashes, scuffs, scratches, and liquids.

Traceable sustainability and accredited social responsibility - no greenwashing

The rise of sustainable buying has led to some organisations misrepresenting their environmental initiatives, spending more time and money on marketing themselves as eco-friendly than on minimising their environmental impact. “Greenwashing” is a deceitful advertising gimmick intended to mislead consumers who prefer to buy goods and services from environmentally conscious companies.

The Cypress EcoSmart® Collection includes backpacks, briefcases, sleeves and slipcases and the entire process of the production of the materials is traceable from the source of yarn fibre to the people making the yarn. Customers can feel assured knowing Targus can track the entire process of the material’s production and know the product have been made as sustainably as possible.

Targus believe truly sustainable and responsible practices extend beyond the products they create but also encompass the people who produce the goods. Targus complies with Global Social Compliance Programme and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, certifying manufacturers involved in the production of the GRS certified materials meet their fair labour and environmental impact of the GRS.

Individuals and organisations are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and environment impact in everything they purchase. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on quality and aesthetics. Always look for the EcoSmart® label before you buy. Every Cypress bag purchased helps keep plastic out of landfill, so join Targus and Dicker Data in fighting the climate emergency, one great decision at a time.


For more information on the Targus' Cypress EcoSmart® Collection, partners can reach out to their Dicker Data account manager, or email the team.


Zaralea Pooley
8/09/2020 9:38:23 AM

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