Security and Intel vPro® platform

Richard Harri
Sep 30, 2022

Security the Biggest Risk to Modern Day Business

The adoption of remote and hybrid working has accelerated at an unprecedented pace, with many of today’s workplaces employing cloud “as a service” based models to manage diverse workforces and data access points. The pandemic changed the way we do business and forced organisations to quickly find innovative technology solutions to ensure business continuity. While this technology is now firmly integrated in our BAU, our urgency to implement remote working has created a new business challenge with serious repercussions: How to maintain robust business security. 

As your value-added distribution partner, Dicker Data works with the world’s leading technology vendors to offer our partners and your customers cutting-edge solutions to today’s greatest challenges. With best-in-class solutions, Dicker Data’s local, certified security experts design, build, deploy and support compelling security solutions for your customers to ensure protection against the rising threat of cyberattacks and security breaches.

Richard Harri, General Manager - Hardware, Dicker Data New Zealand said, “Security is now the number one business issue in today’s operating environment. Since the pandemic, we have seen a 97 percent rise in ransomware attacks[1], with ransomware attacks being one of the costliest security breaches for a company to manage[2]. The rise of ‘Work from Anywhere’ has also seen increased access points for cybercriminals to infiltrate network security, with 30 percent of all data breaches due to endpoint vulnerabilities[3]. Despite this, the urgency for businesses to innovate has seen security deprioritised and long-held infrastructure standards relaxed for some organisations. There is no doubt cybercriminals are taking advantage of this opportunity.

“At Dicker Data, we work hand-in-glove with our vendor partners to ensure we have the latest solutions that are purpose built for today’s challenges. We offer state-of-the-art devices, the latest cyber protection, and have an expert team in place to support our partners and their customers on the journey, providing training, complementary solutions, and bespoke service and support. In today’s operating environment, robust security is no longer a nice to have, but a business necessity.”

A match fit security solution

Evolving threats require all-inclusive security features, designed to the most stringent standards. Intel vPro® platform security suite has been built with business in mind, offering forward-looking features to help navigate the future of security and empower seamless employee collaboration and connection. This comprehensive solution offers enterprise-class protection to secure people, resources, and data. With Intel vPro® platform your customers can be confident their data is secure, benefitting not only the business bottom line but ensuring strong trust and reputation in the market.

 Key features of Intel vPro® platform offering include:

  1. Enterprise-grade security capabilities: Intel vPro® platform suite offers enterprise level security and privacy capabilities to benefit both end-users and IT departments. With professional grade performance and multilayer security, Intel vPro® platform provides more reliable protection and complete management of business security needs.
  2. Comprehensive, multilayer security features: Intel Hardware Shield is a key part of the vPro suite. It delivers integrated hardware-based PC protection, including below-the-OS security, application and data protection, and advanced threat detection.
  3. Protection against Phishing: Phishing is a key business vulnerability. Together, Intel vPro® platform mobile platform and Intel Hardware Shield provide threat detection technology to detect malware and target threats and vulnerabilities in real-time. Machine learning algorithms also improve efficiency and future-proof networks.


The Intel vPro® security suite is purpose built for today’s business needs with best-in-class security protection. The suite offers improved productivity through enhanced performance, data security, and greater management control. Remote management of devices with Intel’s Active Management Technology also allows for remote updating and repair of equipped devices.

In line with Dicker Data’s commitment, adding value to partners and customers the Intel® Partner Alliance membership for resellers provides exclusive business-building opportunities. This includes tailored training, marketing resources, entry to a global marketplace, expedited and promotional support, and valuable rewards. The membership also gives partners exclusive resources AI, cloud, high performance computing, and other solution areas to help plan, build, and deliver more customer value.

Is your device up to the task?

To ensure robust, end-to-end business protection a quality device enabled with the latest technology is a must.  At Dicker Data, we partner with the world’s leading brands to ensure we offer the right modern hybrid work solution for your customer’s unique needs.

The Intel vPro® platform is built for what IT needs, while Intel® Evo™ platform laptops deliver what mobile users want. Together, they create a new class of stylish, thin-and-light laptops that combine key features for IT—multilayer security and complete manageability—with a premium user experience, including remarkable responsiveness, instant wake, intelligent collaboration, and longer real-world battery life.

 Select Intel Core “K” SKU processors are eligible for Intel vPro® platform. At Dicker Data, we have a range of leading brands on hand, including Intel, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Dynabook, and HP notebooks, which have been enabled to support the Intel vPro® platform and provide a seamless user experience.  These processors provide professional-grade performance for the most demanding and critical workloads, while prioritising design and innovation.

Delivering the Dicker Data difference

At Dicker Data, our team of security experts have a comprehensive understanding of the everchanging security landscape and have the experience, expertise, and technology solutions to solve for today’s business challenges. Whether you need to equip your customers with personal collaboration tools that allow them to work seamlessly from any location or modernise their hybrid work equipment to ensure improved security, the Intel vPro® platform enabled devices are the top choice for the task.

To unlock the most value for your customer’s business, get in touch with the Dicker Data New Zealand team here.





Richard Harri
30/09/2022 3:47:46 PM

General Manager - Hardware
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