Nutanix: Enterprise Storage Silos

Raymond Pacpaco
Aug 17, 2020

Eliminate the pain associated with separate enterprise storage silos

Rapid advancements in technology mean that today’s businesses are collecting more data than ever before, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. The vast majority of the corporate enterprise data (around 80 percent) being generated is unstructured with no defined organisational structure. While all this data offers huge possibilities, in order to be usable it must first be analysed and processed.

In addition to scale, organisations suffer from complexity in managing a separate silo and being ‘blind’ to what is a highly dynamic stack that is growing exponentially. Obtaining a petabyte scale storage solution is easy, but a software defined solution with built in analytics to overcome data blindness holds the key to unlocking the power of this data.

While standalone Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances have been the solution of choice in the past, these often require specialised skills and create additional infrastructure silos. Other challenges include long planning cycles, complex deployment and management, and a requirement for forklift upgrades.

Traditional file storage wasn’t designed to fulfil these demands - they’re hard to manage and scale, while also lacking analytics to monitor system health and resource usage.

Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files provides single pane of glass management simplicity, software defined flexibility, and deep analytics intelligence to meet modern data challenges. It offers high availability, massive scale, easy self-service management, self-tuning, and self-healing - straight out of the box.

It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution for all your customer’s file storage needs. Or it can be deployed as a fully integrated, core component of the Nutanix enterprise cloud for HCI file storage needs.

Questions to help you identify opportunities in your existing customers

  • What do you use today for the storage and management of unstructured data such as user home directories, software repositories, CAD files etc?
  • Do your employees need uninterrupted access to files?
  • Do you know exactly how many files, what types, user access logs, growth and ageing of your unstructured data?
  • Are you still using outdated 3-tier architecture to manage file storage?
  • Are you experiencing outages with your existing file storage architecture?
  • Are specialised skills needed to manage the architecture?
  • Are you ready to eliminate unnecessary data storage silos?

Why customers choose Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files is platform agnostic and was purpose designed for a range of file storage use cases, including VDI, storage consolidation, and file storage for remote and branch office sites. It’s well suited where large capacity is required and for primary data centre and remote office implementations. In both modes, Nutanix Files can be deployed in just a few clicks on any Nutanix cluster. Each node in the Nutanix cluster contains processors, memory, local storage, and networking resources that can be used to run VMs and services like Files. Benefits include:

  • Simplicity and intelligence: Storage needs can be managed from a single pane of glass with deployment in minutes, so customers enjoy a fully managed service with non-disruptive update.
  • Scalable: Flexible cloud-like pay-as-you-grow consumption on hardware of choice means your customers can grow and shrink capacity as needed and pay only for what they store.
    Enterprise class: Standard interfaces and support for 1000s of connections provides security, reliability, and resilience.

Why customers deploy Nutanix Files

  • File Shares and File Clouds: So your customers can provide flexible on-prem file storage for departmental shares and file clouds, or to support VDI, EUC, and digital workspaces.
  • ROBO File Shares: For remote and/or branch office repositories requiring local file storage and central file share replication.
  • Application data: To deliver a single name space accessible via NFS and SMB interfaces.

IDC released a white paper explaining how Nutanix Files satisfies modern enterprise storage demands, delivering 414% five-year ROI, 66 percent lower TCO, and 99 percent reduction in unplanned downtime. Download the IDC white paper to find out more.


Dicker Data with Nutanix

Dicker Data and Nutanix collaborate to provide New Zealand IT partners with hyper-converged infrastructure software. Nutanix offers partners a flexible, open technology platform created for tomorrow, that can be marketed today. It’s brimming with innovation – but it’s proven, mature and ready to roll.

With a dedicated Nutanix presales and product management support team, Dicker Data helps partners and their customers understand the opportunities Nutanix delivers. With a strong partner focus, quotes and orders received by 3pm will be responded to and placed on the vendor where required within the same working day.

Please talk to the Dicker Data team for more information - email




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