Discover the Dell EMC SC Series

Amir Kalil
Mar 16, 2020

Introducing the Dell EMC SC Series; the smart storage choice for constantly shifting technology landscapes.

With the rising volume, velocity and value of data, it’s essential for end users to get their storage options right. Any discussion on mid-range/enterprise data storage solutions must include Dell Technologies, a leader in storage systems with a range of product lines.

Today, we’re discussing the Dell EMC SC Series (SC). It takes the guesswork out of storage economics with a modern, automated architecture that proactively optimises data centres for cost-savings, while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or tiered performance.

About the Dell EMC SC Series

SC Series provides companies of any size with the technological advantage needed to compete in today’s fast-changing markets. It delivers modern features that fully virtualise data and fine-tune the storage environment to help meet aggressive workload demands using the fewest drives necessary. SC Series is the ideal choice for any small to medium-sized business offering the lowest effective capacity price of any major midrange storage solution while providing exceptional performance for any application environment. You can contact Dicker Data today for a free analysis of any customer environment to show how SC Series can improve speed and efficiency.

SC Series offers mid-range companies an enterprise-class technology advantage with:

  • Transformational Performance: for accelerated workloads with high IOPS and low latency storage powered by innovative software designs.
  • Flexible Architecture: which helps customers improve performance with self-optimising tiered storage solutions that adapt seamlessly.
  • Future-Proof Value: by driving down TCO with cost-saving automation, broad ecosystem integrations and world-class support services.

Built to evolve as business needs evolve, SC Series solutions scale out and allow companies to move smoothly and cost-effectively from wherever they are to wherever they need to be.

It offers extra performance to accommodate unforeseen workloads to rebalance the environment as required, and a host of other forward-thinking capabilities, that build in flexibility - at a cost that supports long-term ROI.

SC Series uses patented self-optimising data progression technology. This intelligent technology autotunes customer environments and manages the placement of data. Once every 24 hours, it assesses disk use and moves data to disk space that is most efficient for the data usage. The data is moved within the virtualised storage environment between tiers and drive types, as well as among multiple RAID levels within the same tier, to constantly optimise performance and cost.

SC Series is continually updated for optimum performance, with the latest firmware update, 7.4, increasing maximum IOPS over 80%[i] over the previous release. It provides easier resource prioritisation across SC federations, improved security administration, key OS and app integrations to enrich customers’ ecosystems, and enhanced ‘out of the box’ experience (faster than ever web-based setup).

Why Dicker Data and Dell Technologies together

As a partner, you need low cost, high performance, flexible solutions for your customers that help provide a competitive edge. Offering value-added distribution at scale, Dicker Data supports its partners to compete for larger opportunities.

Working closely with the Dell Technologies team and pioneering many new channel-first programs, Dicker Data’s core focus is to become a true extension of our partners’ business and that of their end users/customers. Not only do our new Zealand IT partners have access to our specific SC Series technical and product specialists, but also an extensive range of promotional incentives and opportunities.

Our key benefits focus around:

  • Partner Profitability: Dedicated staff guide partners to maximise profitability. In some cases, by simply understanding and maximising vendor incentives/offers, deal profitability can increase by over 10%. Dicker Data’s sales teams also manage Dell Technologies’ deal registration process to reduce administration, protect deals from competitors, and in some cases gain preferential treatment from Dell Technologies.
  • Training & Enablement: In partnership with Dell Technologies, Dicker Data helps enable partners to diversify their business and grow revenue.
  • Configuration & Staging: Dicker Data works with partners to individually tailor and configure SC Series solutions to suit customers’ specific environments across all range of size and complexity.
  • Presales & Complex Solution Architecture: Dicker Data’s technical presales and solution architects are the most highly certified in the New Zealand distribution landscape. Partners choose the level of engagement in each opportunity, so Dicker Data experts are on hand to help as required.
  • Financial Solutions: Dicker Data’s competitive finance solutions allow partners to procure products for customers at a monthly price. Regardless of deal size, they offer flexibility on contract terms and what to do with the devices at the end of the agreement. These unique finance solutions help partners bolster profitability and win more business.
  • Licensing & Compliance: Dicker Data’s licensing experts bring decades of experience in Dell Technologies to help provide the right answers for customer needs.

Dicker Data offer a free analysis of customer environments to demonstrate how upgrading to SC Series can improve speed and efficiency. Email to talk with a local representative.

[i] Based on internal tests performed by Dell EMC in July 2019 on a SC7020 array running TPC-C like workloads (75% reads, 8K sector transfer size) with 7.4 vs. 7.3 firmware. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variabilityDiscover

Amir Kalil
16/03/2020 2:43:45 PM

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