Live Optics and Modern Infrastructure

Edward Low
Oct 28, 2020

Increase your win rate with Dell Technologies Live Optics and Modern Infrastructure Proposal

The world has changed since COVID 19. Globally, an urgent need to socially distance gave rise to an unprecedented demand for devices. Remote working transformed from a luxury afforded to certain roles into a necessity for business continuity.

In New Zealand, this transformation was swift with businesses prioritizing the procurement of devices which inevitably led to infrastructure projects taking a back seat. After all, IT budgets are fixed and finite. Devices were business critical; infrastructure projects could wait.

For our partners that depend on infrastructure, the last few months have been tough to say the least. Project after project has been delayed with IT managers and CIOs struggling to justify increased spending during one of the biggest recessions in recent memory. When the market is slow, the businesses that come out on top will be the ones that are able to justify why their customers should upgrade their critical infrastructure.

Dell Technologies provides their partners the tools they need to convince end customers that certain infrastructure projects are worth investing in. These tools are Live Optics and the Modern Infrastructure Proposal.

Live Optics 

Live Optics is a free analytical tool that can be used to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads. The ability to see information about workloads, regardless of platform or vendors, is key to helping resellers be laser focused on providing cost effective solutions to their end customers. Live Optics ensures that our customers see any shortcomings or bottlenecks of their current environments and pay only for what they need to address these issues.

Shifting to a data-driven purchasing model not only ensures that organizations save money in their IT procurement, but also ensures that they are able to define clear measurable goals. Live Optics eliminates surprises and allows organizations to re-focus on workload optimisation.


live optics

Get Modern - Modern Infrastructure Proposal

The Get Modern Infrastructure proposal is an online tool which creates a value-based proposal, including a financial analysis which includes data on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The tool leverages data captured from Live Optics which analyses the current environment and compares this to the new proposal put forward by our resellers.

The power of this kind of proposal should not be underestimated given the current market environment. Budgets are limited and IT managers and CIOs must convince their CFOs that investment in new technology makes financial sense. The Modern Infrastructure Proposal centers the discussion in financial terms from a holistic point of view. What does the current power and cooling cost look like? What about the cost of the physical footprint of the devices? All these questions can be answered and addressed using the Modern Infrastructure Proposal.

In a tough market environment Dicker Data and Dell Technologies are here to help our partners do everything possible to increase their win rate. Live Optics and the Modern Infrastructure Proposal are centered on presenting a solution that is focused on delivering business outcomes, both through an accurate visualization of current bottlenecks in the current environment, and also through an accurate portrayal of the TCO of upgrading their current infrastructure.

For more information on Live Optics and the Modern Infrastructure Proposal and to request a free analysis of your customers environment, please contact our team

WATCH ON DEMAND: Live optics & Modern Infrastructure Proposal | Dicker Data & Dell Technologies Webinar. 

Edward Low
29/10/2020 11:26:38 AM

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