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As a Dicker Data reseller, you will have access to the world’s leading technologies – and more. Our resellers outperform the competition and deliver next-level solutions for clients and customers, thanks to our unique, value-added services.

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Access to the world’s leading technology vendors

Get access to over 40 world-class vendors including Citrix, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft and other leading brands.


Leverage over 30 years’ experience in the Australian IT industry

Thanks to our highly competitive strategies, Dicker Data’s partners continue to win more deals through the positioning of unique solutions that address the needs of your customers.


We are here for you

Dicker Data is customer-centric, and focused on establishing and developing strong long term relationships with its customer base to help facilitate growth.


Get advice and help from the industry’s most highly certified experts

Leverage the New Zealand IT industry’s most highly certified distribution team to help you provide the right advice and best in class solutions to your customers.


Expand your capabilities with value-added services

Build your business with Dicker Data’s drop-shipping, brand-specific programs, presales and technical services, imaging and configuration support.

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